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The Beauty of Autumn

Planting the seed for a beautiful garden begins in the Fall,Autumn is a beautiful time,temperatures are cooling,colors are changing,fires are burning,and we are fully stocked with Fall best garden essentials Pumpkins,Mums,Asters,Pansies and all the colorfull Plants are here!We have dedicated time and ​resources to seek out only the best growers to ensure that our selection of plants is of highest quality. 



Bring a little green into your life with Houseplants! We offer a curated selection of indoor plants,from must have to unique and rare,our team of experts is here to assist you with the best choice for your lifestyle! Plants and Nature are the antidote to stress and indoor plants offer a variety of health benefit! Well chosen plants,artfully displayed,will enhance your home style and design,indoor plants can add just the right amount of intrigue.Are you ready to create your urban jungle?


Seasoned Firewood is the most popular firewood product because it is clean, easy to burn, and affordable. The term “seasoned” is solely referring to whether the wood has an acceptable moisture content for burning. In most cases, it takes freshly cut “green” wood 90 days to dry out to the point where it can be considered seasoned. Our wood has typically been in split firewood form for 6-9 months,our firewood is a mixture of hardwoods:hickory, cherry, oak and locust that are all safe to burn inside your home. We conveniently deliver Half Cord in crates, stacked 4 feet wide,4 feet deep,and 4 feet tall.We always deliver for free in Great Falls, VA